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Research Interests

Theoretical High Energy Physics. Nonperturbative Field Theory. Large N. Quantum Gravity. String Theory. Representation Theory.

Robert is a professor in the School of Physics. His research is focused on the dynamics of Yang-Mills theories and quantum gravity. Using the gauge theory/gravity correspondence, he co-authored one of the first papers which use string theory techniques to compute QCD observables. He has also worked on the problem of tachyon condensation in which the unstable bosonic 25-brane decays into a lower dimensional brane. This work was featured as an ISI fast breaking paper. His comments on this work are available here. His most recent work focuses on obtaining string field theory from Yang-Mills theory in the BMN limit, the resolution of singular brane intersections using fuzzy spheres, a study of giant gravitons in the quantum gravity dual to SU(N) super Yang-Mills theory and on the study of instantons in c=0 string theory.

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