Second Joburg Workshop on String Theory: Correlation Functions and the AdS/CFT Correspondence

26 April to the 30 April 2010

The goal of the workshop is two fold. Firstly we are hoping to expose post graduate students to exciting recent developments in the AdS/CFT correspondence, with emphasis on correlators of large operators and representation theoretic techniques for multi-matrix models. Secondly, we hope to stimulate discussion and interaction which might lead to new research directions.

Venue: Centre for Theoretical Physics, School of Physics, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Format: The workshop will be divided between pedagogical talks aimed at non-experts (first week) and technical talks in which participants present new research (second week). Afternoons will be kept free and are intended for individual work, collaborations or one-on-one discussions as participants see fit.

Cost: There are no registration fees but participants are required to register. Those interested in participating in the workshop can register online or email the organisers. The deadline for registration is 2 April 2010

Student Involvement: The first week of the program will consist of a series of introductory lectures. These lectures are at a level that should be well accessible for graduate students. Honours, Master's and PhD students are therefore explicitly encouraged to participate. Wits Honours students are able to count the tutorials and project towards their Honours Degree.

Financial Assistance: Student participation is strongly encouraged and limited financial assistance is available. Students should have their advisers/supervisors email the organisers to motivate the request.

Funding: Funding is provided by the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP) , by Center for Theoretical Physics (CTP) and by The National Research Foundation (NRF) .

Internet access: Some computers will be available during the course of the workshop for internet access and printing in the CAL lab one floor about the lecture venue. In addition wireless access will be available in the lecture venue. Wireless configuration instructions:

User names and passwords will be provided at registration.



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