3rd Joburg Workshop on String Theory: String Theory and Higher Spins

7 July 2011 - 11 July 2011

Pre-Worshop school : 4-5 July 2011

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together people from string and higher spin communities, in order to discuss connections between these two fields. An additional aim of the workshop is to educate and expose graduate students to current research topics.

Venue: Wits Rural Facility , Limpopo, South Africa.

Wits Rural Facility is situated 500 km from Johannesburg on the road to the Orpen Gate of the Kruger National Park.

Format: The workshop will be roughly divided between pedagogical talks aimed at non-experts and technical talks in which participants present new research. Afternoons will be kept free and are intended for individual work, collaborations or one-on-one discussions as participants see fit.

Student Involvement: In conjunction with the workshop we are organising an intensive pre-workshop school for Graduate students. The school will cover background material intended to make the research level talks at the workshop more accesible to students. The pre-workshop school will run from 4-5 July at Wits University physics department.There are limited bursaries for students to attend the pre-school and the workshop. It is possible for students to only attend the pre-school workshop.

Financial Assistance: Student participation is strongly encouraged and limited financial assistance is available. Students (studying in South Africa) should have their advisers/supervisors email the organisers to motivate the request before 20 May.

Funding: Funding is provided by the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP) .

Organizers: Secretary:

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